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The next 10 years China\\\\\\\'s medical device market will continue to show rapid growth trend

Source Views: Date:2015-03-15 14:02:44

As technology advances, medical practices are out from the hospital, the family turned into the Internet, so that modern medical practices and medical device market is facing huge changes. China gdp growth rate in recent years has remained at more than 9% level, while the growth rate is about twice the medical device industry gdp growth rate, and the medical device industry is growing as one of the most attractive markets.

Industry analysts pointed out that the global home healthcare equipment market will grow from $ 14.6 billion in 2011, to 2013 to grow to $ 16.7 billion, the annual growth rate (cagr) will reach 6.8%. Auxiliary ship complex treatment devices, monitors / sensors and telemetry devices, has become the bulk of household electronic medical market, the light in the blood glucose meter run in 2011 had $ 7 billion business opportunities, while the 2013 will grow to $ 8.9 billion; and wholesome home medical devices is estimated to grow 25 percent more will aggressively promising market for home medical equipment industry in development opportunities, while swarm of prospectors also increased competition in the industry. Home medical equipment priced at only a thousand or so, you can use 10 to 20 years, can greatly reduce the cost of medicines.

Home medical equipment and more for hospital equipment miniaturization and innovation, so that a variety of means and methods of treatment in one set, a machine, a machine-efficient, non-invasive treatment, safe and effective, Wudu side effects, be intelligent control makes operation more simple, easy to use, lightweight, and beautiful, like the hospital moved back to his home, so much the family welcome.

The survey shows that about 70% of small medical devices already have Home Edition, the average household spends 1 to 2 (Taiwan) home medical equipment. At present, home medical equipment enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the three regions-scale enterprises accounted for more than 50% full-scale enterprises.

"2014-2018 Chinese home medical equipment industry in-depth study and Forecast Report" states: Overall, China's home medical equipment market to some extent, still a sleepy market, it has a huge market share in hundreds of billions, who wake participate in this market, who will receive immeasurable return. But the market will also edge everywhere.

Chinese medical device market after the United States and Japan has become the world's third largest market, the industry growth rate of about 14% to 15%. The next 10 years China's medical device market will continue to show rapid growth trend. In addition, with the strengthening of health-conscious consumers, the demand for medical devices will be home rising.

 Keywords :The next 10 years China\\\\\\\'s medical device market will continue to show rapid growth trend


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