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Chinese medical device industry in the growing line of copy foreign giants

Source Views: Date:2015-03-15 14:03:52

For a long time, the domestic medical devices has been a dominant foreign brands, and with the involvement and encourage capital policies, industry emerging subtle changes. Global orthopedic medical device giant Medtronic Greater China investment and M & A department head Shi Yonghui think foreign countries to rectify violations of the norms of the entire health care industry has a great advantage.

China's medical device companies will not be easily reproduced in previous years, the high growth rate of 30%, but compared with developed markets in Europe and America, there is still huge room for growth. Especially as the country encourages domestic medical equipment to improve performance, upgrading of China's medical equipment industry will bring more opportunities for rapid development.

In this context, the recently held China Cardiovascular Devices Industry and Investment CEO Summit attracted participation of medical devices listed companies, industry associations, institutional investors, brokers and other industry researchers authoritative source.

Our cardiovascular medical device industry faces four major development opportunities. First, biodegradable heart stent, the level and the international level of our technology gap is small, the opportunity to participate in international competition, to the world. In the next 3-5 years, Chinese enterprises to join, will lead to biodegradable heart stent market will enter the global stage shuffle.

Secondly, pacemakers and other devices in the market, currently monopolized by foreign-funded enterprises in the state of the product, only 12% of the share of domestic equipment, the state encourages the domestic medical equipment upgrades, the government has increased under the procurement context, alternative opportunities for large domestic equipment increase.

Third, in terms of three-dimensional mapping equipment, although the capacity of the smaller market segments, but the growth rate is fast; Finally, prevention chance of testing. "Given our hypertensive population has reached 200 million, there are 100 million diabetic population, shortage of medical resources is hard to change the long-term trend, so the opportunity to test the product and also prevent wind and water." He mentioned as an implantable monitoring devices, in vitro ECG monitoring technology and services are expected to get more attention.

Rui, general manager of BOC International Investment Banking Division to the introduction, development path from Medtronic and other medical equipment giants of view, the bigger and stronger the main route is to take the reorganization and acquisition.

At present, China's medical device industry is also growing line of copy foreign giants.

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