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Health industry to make medicines and related industries are generally optimistic about the prospects

Source Views: Date:2015-03-15 14:05:04

Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration of the country of 10 varieties of 31 provinces (municipalities) Pieces of Chinese herbal medicines and related production, operation and use of 772 units of sampling batches of samples were found 93 batches do not meet the standard requirements, the most prominent staining , weight gain, adulteration, doping and other issues.

Although these data can not fully reflect the current state of the overall quality of Chinese herbal medicines, herbal quality issues but at least has to be cause of common interest and the time for action.

The rapid growth of the health industry and health reform policies on the strong support of Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine so that prospects and related industries are generally optimistic, but everything must be based on comprehensive and sustainable development in the pharmaceutical industry. Chinese herbal medicine as a foundation and support in the industry, in a sense, not only determines the pace of development in the pharmaceutical industry, but decided to rise and fall in the pharmaceutical industry, otherwise, "Chinese killed in medicine" is just a matter of time .

Recurrent problems in the quality of Chinese herbal medicines, safe "bottleneck" must be broken when only enhance the quality of medicines onto the road standards and imminent. Admittedly, subject to climate, soil and other natural factors, coupled with the impact of production changes and low degree of intensive cultivation methods for objective reasons, to enhance the overall quality of Chinese herbal medicines will take a fairly long time.

Meanwhile, the implementation of the GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) also need an idea of renewal and capital investment. Promote the standardization of herbal medicines must face the industry, eliminate backward production capacity, technology, inferior products and production management Laggards pains, depth adjustment period and concentration stage and eliminating the inferior is unavoidable reality insurmountable.

In fact, the implementation of standardized production of medicines policies and systems have already been introduced, but the effect is not significant advance. Which can not be excluded that the policies and measures to support the herbal industry, although the country has, but the actual needs and implement standardized production schedule and local herbal medicines have some gaps and shortcomings.

So, how to do all over, especially herbal medicines standardized production province standardized production planning, policy support, the overall plan, capital investment, system standards, responsibilities of each party, the source traceability, quality control, certification and implementation, product recalls, according to the law respect norms row schedule, develop a roadmap to ensure the effectiveness of the standardized production of medicines and orderly implementation should be to improve the quality of Chinese herbal medicines inevitable choice.

 Keywords :Health industry to make medicines and related industries are generally optimistic about the prospects


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