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From the United States to see the real situation of the development trend of China\\\\\\\'s medical information

Source Views: Date:2015-03-15 14:04:39

As customers strong and diversified regional market characteristics, as well as professional property information products and services, hospital information technology market higher degree of decentralization, and the largest supplier of the share is relatively stable, single supplier is more difficult in the short term achieve a significant breakthrough in market share, industry concentration will be more dependent on acquisitions to enhance integration.

Regional health information exchange platform due to the characteristics of the platform itself weak profitability, as well as the hospital itself insufficient to power the exchange of information, the development trajectory of the United States has been confirmed only rely on government investment is difficult to maintain long-term sustainable development of the platform. Benefit from health information exchange in business organizations, in the long term are more likely to become a platform for the construction and operation of providing financial support to the protagonist.

Taking into account the current social security attributes of Medicare, in advancing the process of medical information platform, the director of insurance for urban workers and residents who may be gradually gained DESA dominance. Therefore, in the construction of regional health information platform, have both social security and health care information technology business and customer resources profound manufacturers to Wanda information is typical, or will have more advantages.

Internet companies in the mobile medical business has already begun staking fast layout, mobile applications and health management classes in the function also needs to realize the integration and sharing of medical information and health records in the region, so similar to the financial and other fields, related fields in the background is inseparable from the professional information technology vendors. So, have more hospital information system vendors entrance, a typical software such as Wei Ning, will likely become the first partner of this type of business information exchange platform and rapid development.

Medicare cost control of health care costs growing faster, intelligent power management and control the use of information technology means great. However, due to differences in the health care system, control costs of health care information technology business and PBM businesses large differences in the United States, only control costs the business itself, the mode and status of its profitable chain is relatively limited. Medicare payment side has the higher chain initiative, taking into account social security attributes Medicare, Social Security more closely cooperate with the company has some bit Ge advantage, but the layout early and abundant customer resources other health information technology vendors also, by working with different social security information technology vendors to realize the value of a breakthrough.

Finally, since Medicare (ordered controllable expenses) are the main beneficiaries of medical information, but also to invest most powerful stakeholders and ultimately pays the bill, primarily attributable to information technology market will have a decisive influence on the pattern of health insurance. Taking into China in recent years in the medical field continues to reform the system - such as the trend for pharmaceutical manufacturers warranty isolated development may open up new space - these possibilities will cause the firms competitive advantages and disadvantages of change.

Risk Warning regional platform in promoting the initiative process may involve a conflict of interest issues or different ministries, the impact of the construction progress; mode control Medicare costs and profitability of business uncertainty; M & A market price is high.

 Keywords :From the United States to see the real situation of the development trend of China\\\\\\\'s medical information


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